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AcreStreetRunners is a friendly, formally constituted running group, affilited to Association of Running Clubs (ARC), catering for all abilities.

How do I join?

We do encourage anyone to join and run with us, but we do say that those wishing to do so should be able to run (or run/walk) 5K.
parkrun and our Walking Group offer a great opportunity for those wanting to work towards this. 

We are a not-for-profit group but there are some costs such as affiliation with the ARC, FOCAL Centre rent, operational costs etc. Therefore we ask for a donation of 50p (which includes a drink & biscuit) for every run plus an annual voluntary membership donation of £5 to cover these fees, payable from the 1st January each year.
When joining, you will need to read and sign the standard ‘RunEngland’ disclaimer form available through this link as well as well the 'Data Consent' form.


Committee & Admins

Richard Plunkett – Chair (Co-founder)
Snehal Patel – Treasurer & Vice Chair (Co-founder)

Karen Kenedy - Secretary
Howard Tempest (Route co-ordinator)

Dave Clarkson - Committee Member

Sarah Cowdell - Committee Member

Kathryn Marshall - Committee Member

Amie Fuller - Committee Member

Acre Street Runners was formed by Richard Plunkett and Snehal Patel on the 9th January 2014, operating as a Formal Group (constitued 9th January 2017), under the unbrella of the Association of Running Clubs, following the principles of RunEngland's ‘RunTogether’ https://runtogether.co.uk/groups/

The Group has a Constitution which outlines our aims and objectives, how we operate and how we are governed. In particular being constituted gives us the opportunity to apply for funding as a Group and demonstrates our accountability.

The Group will hold an Annual Group Meeting (AGM)  every January commencing 2018, with all members welcome to attend and address the Committee. The Group has been constituted as such that the Chair (Richard Plunkett) selects the committee and voting rights remain with the Committee. This reflects the formation of the Group by Co-founders: Richard Plunkett & Snehal Patel.


Northern Running Guide: http://northernrunningguide.com/races/01/2018

North East Races: http://www.northeastraces.com/

Runners World:http:// www.runnersworld.co.uk/event/search

Race Space: http://www.racespace.com


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Richard Plunkett - Group Leader

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FOCAL Centre, New Hey Road, Huddersfield, HD3 4DD.