Nick Barwick

During my time as a runner, people have asked me why I run. I find there's no easy answer. I love the outdoors, the changing seasons, the wild weather. I enjoy the health benefits - both physical and mental. I enjoy the cycle of goal setting, designing and working through a training programme, then competing to be the best version of myself. It is a privilege to share this lifestyle with other like-minded people. Most likely, it's a combination of all these, with the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.
Over the years, I have competed in a variety of events, from 400m and steeplechase on the track to road marathons, to ultra-distance trail runs, each with its own particular challenges. I have been lucky enough to have had some successes along the way: Early in 2014, I was the fastest finisher at the Thames Valley LDWA 'Oxon 20/40', completing the 40 mile off-road course an hour faster than all but one competitor. Later that year, I won the Isle of Wight Challenge - running 106km to circumnavigate the island in a shade over 12 hours; a year later I won Mizuno's Endure 12/50, running 75 miles in 12 hours. In 2016, I led a group of relatively inexperienced runners to 2nd place in the mixed-team section of the same 'Endure' 12hr event. Switching focus to triathlon, I completed the 2017 Poznan IronMan in just over 11 hours, finishing with the fastest marathon in my age group. In 2018, I competed at the ETU Half-Iron event in Ibiza. And just before Christmas 2019, I placed 8th in the Portsmouth Harbour 50k.
So that's me - what about YOU? Are you up for the challenge of making the person who looks back at you in the mirror the best version of you it can be? If so, I'm ready to help.

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