Running Tips

Running Style is individual, Running Technique applies to everyone. Here are the top 10 cues for promoting good Running Technique.

  1. Avoid to slouch and aim to ‘Run Tall’.  Imagine a large Helium balloon is attached to you and is lifting you up so that your feet can just about touch the ground. However, instead of being upright, as you run forward, remain aligned from ankles to head with a straight back, slightly leaning forward without bending over from the hip.
  2. ‘High Hips’, imagine your hips act as a water bucket. Moving the bucket forward / backwards or from side to side will spill water out of the water bucket and you will lose your balance. Keep your hips level so that the water stays level and can not spill. Maintaining your pelvis in a neutral position (not tilted), high hips, put the belly button in, engage your gluteus muscles so that your hips remain in position.
  3. ‘Stride length’, aim for a natural stride length and avoid to over stride. When you over stride, your foot strikes ahead of your knee with the heel first. Aim to strike the ground so that your foot strikes the knee.