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Welcome to Any1canrun

We are a group of mixed ability ladies, who like to get together to keep fit, during this process we have a chat and a laugh and provide each other with support and encouragement.

If you want to aim to run a mile or eventually an Ultra, this is the place for you. 

You will be led by experienced England Athletics coaches who can offer you: a meet up, a planned, progressive session, a group of like-minded friends and some tweaks that can make running easier for you and above all keep you injury free.

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Anne-Marie McLaren - Group Leader


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Recreation Grounds, off Frimley Green Road, turning near the Old Wheatsheaf Pub

The bollards on O'Gorman Road, entrance to the Aerodrome

Bollards in front of Aerodrome

Elsenwood Drive (GU15 2BA)

Elsenwood Drove (GU15 2BA)

Elsenwood Drive (GU14 2BA)

The King's Head, Car Park, Guildford Road, GU16 6NR

Basingstoke Canal Centre, GU16 6DD