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We currently have three running groups per week and two walking groups which meet bi-weekly and monthly  basis here at Attingham -

Beginners Group, suitable for those who have never run before

Intermediate Group, aimed at those who have run before but still enjoy a social run

The Beginners and Intermediate groups run at the same time on Tuesday evenings and you can move between the groups as suites you on a week by week basis. 

This Girl Can, for women only and for all abilities on a Friday evening

New for 2020 - 

Attingham Active Walkers - Step Out, a bi-weekly walking group, meeting every other Friday morning and walking an average of three miles on Attingham's well surfaced paths at a nice gentle pace suitable for all.

Attingham Active Walkers - Step Further, a monthly 5 to 6-mile walk taking in the wider estate of Attingham.

*Please note for our general run groups we charge £1 for NT members (please bring your NT card every week) and £6 for non NT members (includes a £5 sports admission)* 

Pooch to 5k is £5 per session (£10 for none NT members including a £5 sports admission) and you can rent Shropshire Canicross Kit for a £2 donation per week until you decide to buy your own.

On April, May, September and October evenings fees are given in cash to the run leader on the night and in the summer season fees are given directly to the Visitor Reception and can be cash or card. 

Want to become a run leader?

Become a qualified run leader by taking the Leadership in Fitness and Running Course from England Athletics

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