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Update 4th July 2020

A little update on how as a group we are structuring our bookings and sessions to ensure we are keeping our run leaders and runners safe and healthy.

We will continue to run at a 2 meter social distancing rule during our sessions and promote the same distance on #buddy runs.

Our run leaders are running one session per week based on availability and suitability.

The locations and times of the runs are varied so that we can ensure we keep to groups of no more than 6.  Please check the booking for location as they may be different.

We shall release 2 weeks worth of sessions this weekend.

Only book 1 session in this 2 week period.

This is to ensure more runners can join a group run (we have lots of messages from runners saying they cannot book on a session)

Please don't ask our run leaders to try and book you on the following week's session.

#buddy runs. We are actively encouraging buddy runs as a great way of running with friends. We do ask you abide by the 2 meter rule and groups of no more than 6.

We ask you to think about how many different runners you are interacting with and how that could increase the risk of spreading the infection.

Running with the same #buddy runners is a great way to help reduce the risk.

If you are feeling unwell please do not attend a session.

If you need to cancel your booking, please cancel via the app with plenty of notice and let other runner know via the group chat.

Thank you for reading and understanding our reasons to keep us all safe.

As always have a great run and keep posting your selfies to the group.

Many thanks

Mark 😀

After recent government guidence from the 1st June 2020 as a group we are excited to anounce we are planning sessions to return to group activity from Monday 8th June.
Our main priority is the health and safety of our run leaders and runners, so we have put together a guide of how our sessions will take place and how we expect our runners to participate.

Sessions will be available on our booking site, with each session time, date and location being relavent to each run leader. Please check the location of each booking as these will vary. 
The maximum number of runners joining a run leader will be 3 and the booking system will reflect this. This is to minimise the risk to our group and leaders,  and also to keep a positive perception of our group in our community.  
Runners who attend a session who are NOT booked on will not be allowed to take part in the session.  #bookcheckinrun
As there are limited bookings, we ask runners only book ONE session per week, and we shall reveiw this if runners are unable to get booked onto a session. 

Run leaders will complete a risk assesment prior to the session and will complete the session based on the runners who attend the session, with a clear structure following the current guidence on social distancing.

Runners health - we would expect runners who are NOT 100% fit and healthy to cancel their booking and not attend.  Where a run leader believes a runner is NOT 100% fit and healthy they will ask the runner not to take part in the session. 

Hand washing - there will be no hand washing facilities at our sessions and we ask all our runners to wash their hands at home before and after the session.

Social distancing - each runner will keep a distance of min 2 meters from other runners and run leader in the group, and when passing other members of the public. No contact can be made with any other person, which includes passing of items like drinks bottles. 

We look forward to running with you 

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