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Next run: Thursday 26 May 2022

About our group

Update Jan 25th 2022 our next couch to 5k course starts on Wed 2nd Feb 2022. Please contact us for details and bookings. 


We are now operating with a run ratio of 12 runners per group, as a group we are continually making decisions to keep our runners engaged, while keeping our runners safe along with the community we run in.

Our group is happy to welcome everyone and most of our runs are not set by pace, but about enjoying running for the social activity it can be.  Our qualified run leaders are there to support and ensure we all have a safe and fun run.   

We have sessions taking place at Baswich, Wildwood, Cannock Chase and Holmcroft, ranging from run/walk, returning to running, 5k, 10k and trail running.

All sessions must be booked, check out our runs or download the Runtogether Runner app.


We look forward to running with you soon


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Mark Jeffery - Group Leader

Meet our Team

Our locations


Bod stafford

Bodmin Avenue

Coppice Hill car park, Cannock chase

Outside the Bridge inn. Brewood

Marquis Drive, where Cannock chase parkrun starts.

Bodmin Avenue near the doctors carpark

Wildwood coop carpark

Punchbowl carpark, Milford

Carpark near Holmcroft Library

Beaconside health Centre

Coronation Road, by the park area

Aspen car park, Cannock chase.

Penkridge Bank car park, oppersite Tackeroo camp site.

Springslade Lodge, camp Road.

Springslade Lodge, camp Road.

Henry Street, charnley road park

HeCharnley road park

HeCharnley road park

HeCharnley road park

HeCharnley road park

HeCharnley road park