8K Monthly Trail Run

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Guided 8k trail run in Swinley forest: This is our monthly replacement to the 5 k run. It is held on the second Tuesday of the month, and ideal as a transition to 10k. It will include a variety of made and unmade trails passing through forest and heathland, over both flat and undulating terrain. It is only recommended for more advanced runners who are accustomed to longer distances. As you will be running over uneven, undulating and possibly wet terrain, you should therefore arrive suitably equipped, we recommend Trail Running Shoes, and suitable layers of moisture wicking running clothes. We also recommend that you carry a light foldable windproof jacket as added protection should the weather conditions suddenly change. It is vital that all runners carry plenty of water (and gels if required) and during hot weather you should carry at least 800ml.

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Run details

  1. Sunday
  2. 09:30AM
  3. 5-10K
  4. Unisex
  5. Keep Me Going

Where we meet


Great Hollands Recreation Ground Car Park, South Road, Berks, RG40 3DW

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