David Teggart

Remember at school when the PE teacher told the class you were going to do the school cross country? There was always one kid who said YES! That was me! Whilst that is a few years ago, nothing much has changed. I still love to run. For me, the enjoyment is about knowing what I put in, I get out. I enjoy the art and the science of running, with many running books under my belt, I consider myself to be fairly well read on the subject. Luckily for me, I am fairly good at it and have ran from the 400mtr hurdles right through to a 24hour ultra-marathon, both on the road and on trails, with every conceivable distance in-between on many occasions. On Saturdays, expect to see me at parkrun. Sundays is my long run and through the week I mix in easy and speed, depending on the goal. I truly believe that running is about the journey, the hardest part for any runner is lacing up and getting out of the door. Having friends and a running group to train with, makes it so much easier. I enjoy seeing other runners grow in the sport. For some, that may be getting faster, for others it may be going further, and for many, it is about the social side and just getting into the fresh air. Happy running - I will see you out there.

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