About our group

We are a small and (mostly) friendly group of runners who run in and around Bourne, Lincolnshire.

All of the runs we do are of Intermediate ability. It's difficult to define the exact criteria for a Intermediate runner but as a rough guide everyone that takes part is able to complete a non-stop 5k in under 35 minutes (with most between 27-33 mins).

Some of us regularly take part in local races including the Langtoft 10k and the Perkins Great Eastern Run. Some training is centred around these objectives.

We are not currently doing any beginner 0-5k sessions


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Barrie Cull - Group Leader

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Our locations


Bourne Leisure Centre Car Park

Thurlby Lawrance Park

Morton Church

Bourne Burghley Car Park

Big Tesco Bourne - Near Zebra Crossing furthest from entrance

Peterborough Park Run Ferry Meadows

Beech Avenue / Forest Avenue Junction