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To quote Maria in the Sound of Music, “Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start.”

Whether you have not run before, or are returning to running after a period of time or injury, it’s proven that building up slowly means less likelihood of injury, a better overall enjoyment and a achievable long term goal.

The CanDo course is a 10 week programme consisting of walking and running building up time and distance until most people are able to successfully complete 5km. For some it may take a little longer, but that’s not a problem – it’s an extra goal and one that CanDo Running will help you achieve!

You will start off gently and slowly increase. There are no marathon routes, no steep hills and certainly no Drill Sargents. Banish those memories of school PE lessons – CanDo Running sessions are always fun and supportive!

What next?

Once you have completed your 5K, we can introduce you to a local social running and jogging club where you will be supported as you continue your running journey - and we will be there to keep you motivated!

Want to become a run leader?

Become a qualified run leader by taking the Leadership in Fitness and Running Course from England Athletics

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