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Next run: Monday 13 July 2020

About our group

A local friendly running group in Chafford Hundred, Essex for anyone interested in getting fit and gaining motivation from other runners. 

The Group offers a variety of distances based on and around Chafford Hundred taking in the local sights of Grays, Lakeside & West Thurrock.

The Group is suitable for all abilites whether you are a beginner or an experienced runner. 

Beginners are encouraged to walk and slowly build up to a run.  Regular runners will find the group challenging as there is bound to be someone who is that bit faster than you, making you want to keep up.  For the faster more experienced runners there are longer fast paced runs, which will most definitely push your limits.  

On occasions we will run specific training plans such as Couch to 5k, please see our blog and our Facebook page for more details on when these will be available.
Running in a group is fun, sociable and safe. It also provides an enormous amount of motivation to get out, keep going or run that bit further.

The group officially started in January 2012, set up by Vanessa Papworth and a friend, Kelly. They were introduced by their fitness trainer in December 2011 as walking buddies with absolutely no interest in running!  By the beginning of January 2012 a few more interested local residents joined them.  After a few weeks of walking around Chafford they introduced short runs of about a minute in to their walks and by mid February they were able to run continuously for around 30 mins. Vanessa decided to do the Leadership in Running Fitness course and obtained her license.

There aren't any charges, subs and membership fees, it is completely FREE to join our group.

Chafford Hundred Running Group (CHRG) have 10 UK Athletics licensed Leaders in Running Fitness, Vanessa, Michelle, Eddie, Jackie, Janice, Kerry, Mary, Sandra, Pauline and Charmaine and are a registered running group with RunTogether.


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Vanessa Papworth - Group Leader

07768 668754

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The Bench outside All Saints Church, Drake Road, Chafford Hundred

Grays Beach Park entrance