01 Feb 2020

C25K Jan-March 2020

Week 4 of C25K......and we were lucky with the weather being milder and no rain!

So, after warm up brisk walking & dynamic stretches as we made our way to the 2nd carpark, we did:

2xStrides in 2 groups before:
2x1.5 min run
2x3 min run
2x1.5 min run (with walks inbetween), focusing on running on the balls of our feet (lego bricks/eggshells), and introduced 'arms', piston motion, keeping our arms from crossing the front of our bodies.

We did a cooldown walk then did our static stretches on our calves/hamstrings/quads/iliotibial side stretch/heel raises & 'good mornings'
We introduced the Plank as our core exercise to practice for the week.

Homework 1:
After brisk warm ups & dynamic stretches, do 1x80-100M Stride, followed by 4x3min run with 2 min walk after each run.
Do a 3 min cool down walk & static stretches
Homework 2:
After brisk warm ups & dynamic stretches, do 2x3 min run & 2 min walk
1x5 min run & 3 min walk
1x3 min run then cool down with 5 min walk & static stretches.
Practise doing The Plank.

Very well done everyone, keep up the good work; stay in touch with each other & please let me know if you have any problems fitting in your homework runs.
It's really really important to do your homework runs as we're starting to increase the amount of time you are running now.....and as always, please keep in touch and shout out if you have any concerns. Dawn

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