Testimonials from Chew Valley Snails

Thinking about signing up, but would like to hear the experiences of others who have joined Chew Valley Snails? Here's a selection:

"Go for it. If I can do it, you can. You will get so much support and encouragement and it doesn't matter always being the slowest. Just do it."

"Go for it, it's easier than you think."

"It’s been a great start to what I hope will be a continuing journey. Dawn was a supportive leader and a lovely bunch of ladies to run with. Never thought I could run, couldn’t wait for the first 45 seconds to be up on the first week and 10 weeks later completed 5K! The course certainly does what it says on the tin, the amazing ethos of the Chew Valley Snails really does work." (Beccy, Jan 2018 C25k course)

"Anne is so encouraging and supportive and always believes in you. Her advice is brilliant. I started the course could hardly run for 1 min now i can do 30 mins 8 wks after." (Sarah H, Jan 2017 C25k course)

"I really looked forward to Thursdays. Both the leader and the whole group were very encouraging and supportive and really helped me to achieve my goals... I wanted to see if I could run at all, let alone do 5k, and I wanted to get fitter. I have certainly achieved the first, and have already done three 5k runs which gives me a great sense of satisfaction." (Caroline, age 70 going on 17, Jan 2017 C25k course; Chair of the Snails from 2018.)

"I wanted to get back to a level of fitness where I could run 5K, without feeling like I was dying. I also wanted to remember what I love about running, as being unfit had completely robbed me of that. In the last week I have run over 15K and enjoyed it, so I've very much fulfilled my aims!" (Crystal, Jan 2017 C25k course)

"I really have never considered that I could run… the whole course has been fantastic value and covered way more than I had expected. The after cool down chats have been really helpful too, whether on how to lace shoes, to types of leggings or hydration." (Karen, Feb 2017 C25k course) - now a Run Leader.)

"I have run alone for years and never did I imagine to have the positive relationship with running I do now." (Lisa, Feb 2017 C25k course)

"A new way of meeting new people, and being told to run at the pace of chat helped to catch up with friends and make new ones.‚Äč" (Wendy, April C25k course)

" ...it's just a very good way to learn to run 5K without actually realising you're training hard." (Shaine, Sept 2017 course)

What did they find challenging?

  • Fitting in two homework runs each week ("But it made me fit them in! Motivated to get me to make time.")
  • Increasing their speed / distance

And what did they think were their greatest achievements?

  • Breaking a personal barrier
  • Seeing their body shape change
  • Becoming a runner ("I'm running again and loving it!")
  • Their health improving
  • Meeting new friends

What are they going on to afterwards?

A number of them are regularly taking part in Saturday 5k parkruns, and we enjoy going to new venues to experience different locations. We go out on social runs to explore the local area and keep fit. Some are signing up for local races, such as Race For Life, Pensford 10k, Chew Valley 10k and Bristol 10k. The world is your oyster... More information about local runs and races can be found in our Local Resources page.

(Here is the survey we use to get feedback from our runners).