Didsbury Runners club is a volunteer-led group. There is a committee of nine members who are responsible for the management of the group, as well as additional volunteers that take on specifc roles within the club.

The committee is elected at the AGM held in May of each year. As defined by the constitution, there are three officer positions, and up to six other non-officer committee positions.

The committee  are responsible for all aspects of the club, as detailed in the constitution. In addition, it is expected that each committee member coordinates a Monday evening session on a rota basis.

The current committee members are:

  • Chair - Yvonne Hung
  • Secretary - Millie Loxton
  • Treasurer - Antonia Marsden
  • General Committee members​ - Aeda Cantillon, Emma Simms, Helen Carron, Katrin Michaels, Matt Gittins, Mike Kelly.

The current committee have divided the tasks required to run the club into specific roles. These roles will be reviewed each year and the committee can delegate these tasks to non committee members. The current roles are listed below:

  • Chair (Yvonne Hung) - Chairs meetings; single point of contact for club; responsible for strategic planning
  • Secretary (Millie Loxton) - Official record keeper and minute taker
  • Treasurer (Antonia Marsden)- Maintains club accounts
  • Membership coordinator (Matt Gittins) - Manages membership and waiting list applications
  • Social secretary (Emma Simms) - organises social events
  • Events coordinator (Aeda Cantillon) - organises and promotes non-social events
  • Volunteer coordinator (Millie Loxton & Mike Kelly) - manages the volunteer run leader pool, including induction and ongoing training
  • Marketing officer (Emma Simms) - Maintains the club's social media presence
  • Merchandise Officer (Laura Brown) - ensure design, production and management of all DR merchandise
  • Mental Health Ambassador (Helen Carron) - Promotion of mental health wellbeing within the club
  • Physical Wellbeing Officer (Yvonne Hung) - Promotion of physical wellbeing within the club
  • Beginners Session Coordinator (Katrin Michaels) - Management of Beginners sessions for members and non members
  • Community Officer (Nick Taylor) - Promote integration of the club with the wider community as well as within the club itself

Committee members are not required to take on a specific role, nor are the role holders required to be on the committee except for the three officer positions. 

If you are interested in being part of the committee in the future or helping with any of the roles, please speak to a member of the committee.

If you are interested in being a Run Leader, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator(s) at