If your question is not covered here, please do contact us at didsburyrunnersclub@gmail.com

How do I join the club?

To apply to be a member of Didsbury Runners please you can join our waiting list by submitting an e-mail to didsburyrunnersclub@gmail.com with the subject title:

'Didsbury Runners Membership Request -' followed by your full name. 

We have a limited number of membership places. Once we have capacity to admit new members, runners on the waiting list will be given first access to the new slots.


How long will I be on the waiting list?

We monitor the attendance levels of our Monday runs on a weekly basis. As soon as we are in a position to allow in new members we will do so. This tends to happen at the start of a month.

In the meantime you can join other running events such as Parkrun, Great Run Local, Nike Running Club and Chorlton Runners.

Why do you now charge for membership?

When the club was started we had a handful of runners. Now with 80+ runners joining us every week on a regular basis, we have had to take measures to make the runs enjoyable and safe. The membership admin charge will cover the costs of things such as first aid training, subsidising LIRF qualifications for run leaders, hi-viz vests for our run leaders, consumables such as paper, ink, pens etc. We are a not-for-profit organisation and all money raised will be invested back into the club.

Where do you run from?

Our Monday and Wednesday evening runs will start and end from Didsbury Sports Ground. Any amendments to this will be communicated to our members by email. Other runs may start and end at other locations.

How fast do you run?

We do our best to cater for a range of abilities including beginners. For more experienced runners we have groups that run at different paces, the fastest at around 8min mile ranging through to 12 min miles. Our beginner group walk-jog a 3k course.

Do you run on other evenings?

Our main run is on Monday evenings however we also provide a Wednesday evening run which is designed to help runners of all levels improve their performance. The Wednesday sessions include interval and hill training, and look at aspects such as running form and injury prevention. We have a monthly social run which is on a Tuesday or Thursday night and this is a 5k run that finishes at a cafe or restaurant. In the summer we lead trail runs in the peak district and Greater Manchester area.

Do you have sessions for non members?

We also offer events for the general public such as our couch-2-5k beginner sessions and #runandtalk events. All non-member running sessions are advertised on our Didsbury Runners Community Runtogether Page.

What is the difference between the Didsbury Runners Facebook Group and the Didsbury Runners Community Facebook Page?

The Facebook group is for our current members only. It is where we manage group runs, socials and announcements. The Facebook community page is open to anyone to view and post about anything running related.

What is the difference between the Didsbury Runners RunTogether page and the Didsbury Runners Community Runtogether Page?

Similar to our Facebook group, the Didsbury Runners runtogether page is to administer our members only. The Didsbury Runners Community Runtogether Group is where anyone, members or non-members, can sign up to our public events.

Do you run in events?

Members of our group join in races such as the Manchester 10k and half-marathon. We post all Didsbury Runners events and socials on our Didbsury Runners Facebook Group, these details are also included in our members newsletter. Note all Didsbury Runners organised events are for members only unless stated otherwise.

If you are a member, we reccommend you to sign up to events on our Didsbury Runners Facebook Group Page, as this is where we discuss transport and other logistic

Can I run if I am under 18?

Anyone aged 16-18 can join the Didsbury Runners provided that they are accompanied by a parent or a carer. Although some of our Run Leaders are LIRF qualified and DBS checked, we cannot currently accept minors on their own.

Are you an England Athletic Affiliated Club?

No, Didsbury Runners is not an affiliated club.

Why can't I wear headphones?

We ask that our runners do not wear headphones whilst on our runs. It is important that everyone can hear instructions given by our run leaders so that the groups are safe and do not obstruct other path users. Also, we are a social group, and part of the fun is to talk with your fellow runners!

How do I get a Didsbury Runners T-Shirt?

We put in bulk orders sporadically and our members will be notified by Facebook and email of when they can place an order.