What do our runners say about us...?



We love DMotR but maybe we are a bit biased! So we asked some of our lovely runners what they think. Hopefully these comments will put your mind at rest if you are a bit wary of coming along...

"I love that whatever level you're at, speedy experienced club runner or first time couch to 5ker, any achievements, however small, are met with the same support and enthusiasm." Penny

"You think you’re just having a great time running and chatting… and before you know it you realise you’ve got much fitter and stronger in all sorts of ways. I’m so proud to be part of a group of such fabulous people. And Monday mornings are the highlight of my week." Katharine

"There is a big 'mums on the run' sized hole in my life since i started my new job! Fortunately i will be off every other Monday soon and can at least get my fix again! The most gorgeous, supportive, non-judgemental group I've ever known. And so nice to have guidance from very knowledgeable leaders who do it for love and actually practice what they preach." Judith

" For me, it's so much more than a group of ladies I run with on a Monday. They soon become your own personal cheerleading squad, encouraging you on whenever you run. Sharing and celebrating all your achievements. Be it parkrun or just through Strava or Facebook - DMOTR are there every day of the week " Dawn

"More than a running club. More than a woman's group. Life affirming and life changing." Wendy