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The Club regularly organises beginner's 0-5k running groups, which we call Love2Run. • Still Love2Run is our "bolt on" 5-10k running programme, which aims to keep you going and get you to that next level, making it easier for you to join in with the main Club runs, which are between 4-6 miles. • The training programme starts on 24 June 2019 and is based on running three times a week, with the Club offering two sessions and you doing a third run independently. • Monday is a track session and Thursday is a run from our Clubhouse. If you can only make one of our organised sessions, that's fine as we will give you the programme to follow. • All sessions are led by qualified run leaders and Club volunteers in a safe and sociable environment. • The programme will lead to a 10k run in early September. • All sessions are a 7.30pm prompt start so please arrive in good time for this.

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Run details

  1. Monday
  2. 07:30PM
  3. 5-10K
  4. Unisex
  5. Keep Me Going

Where we meet


The Cottage, Jubilee Park, Marsh Lane E10 7BL

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