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Established in the summer term of 2015, the Exeter College Running Club was set up for College staff to follow a 'Couch to 5km' programme over the course of ten weeks.  The club continues to put on runs and events for staff and students at the college.  We have  evolved our offer included a community based club in the Town of Cranbrook, where we offer most of our regular runs.   Since establishing the club there in January 2018  we have trained over 300 people to run using the Couch to 5km programme.   

The group is led by a number of run leaders all trained in Leadership in Running Fitness.  We provide friendly and supportive training  and we  love encouraging others to get in to running.

The Cranbrook groups meet twice weekly on Wednesday 18:30 and Saturdays 09:00 and are open to complete beginners and seasoned runners alike.  We offer the couch to 5km twice a year, and half marathon training once a year, leading up to the Great West Run.  Weekly runs are a mixture of 5km & 10km runs with event nights once a month.  Saturdays are either a run around the picturesque lanes and country park or visiting a local parkrun.

College based, staff only, runs take place on Tuesday Lunch times.  Student based sessions are offered on demand as part of the College's enrichment programme and are only for college students.

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