08 Feb 2019

Farsley Flyers Club Championships

This year as part of the Farsley Flyers 4th Birthday party we will be presenting our usual medals as nominated by the run leaders for our members, star flyer and this year we will also be presenting our park run and club championships. We are very grateful to Tim Lyles (RL Caroline’s father in law) who has very kindly donated trophies for the park run championships and this is why he has contributed;

I went to my doctor in June 2015 and caught the bug. I needed to lose weight and get fitter and was persuaded by family to do a park run, now 3 years and eight 10k’s later I am completely addicted to park run, and with the help and guidance of The Farsley Flyers running in general. I will never be the fastest runner in any group bigger than one but that doesn't matter to anyone at park run-108 and counting. If I can't run then volunteering gives me as much pleasure and a good dose of fresh air.

Then came the "Go Grandpa" shirt. Not only do my 6 grandchildren call me Grandpa but also a large part of the Leeds running community know me only by that name. Naming an award after Walter Ward is a tribute to my Grandpa. A mayor of Pudsey Sir Walter Ward made his mark on Pudsey “park" by donating a steam engine to the people of Pudsey which stood in the park. Many people still remember playing on the engine when going to the park. I am sure that he would have been a supporter of park run. The grandpa connection continues every time I do a park run with any of my running grandchildren.

Highlights of my park running include joining Emma on her first park run on her fourth birthday (beaten by 6 minutes). Running in on park run 100 flanked by Farsley Flyers. Being joined on run 100 by Lucas doing his first senior park run (beaten again). Being on the start line with Olivia on a regular basis.

I owe so much to park run and the Flyers I am now the wrong end of my sixth decade but am fitter than ever physically and mentally thanks to you all.


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