I decided to take up running in my early 60’s - as you do!  I had tried running 10 years earlier with an athletic group but pulled muscles during my first attempts which put me off running forever - until I discovered Dee’s Saturday morning running group.  Dee was so friendly, supportive and welcoming when I started and very sensibly had a good warm up routine which prevented any muscle pulls.  We could all run at our own pace but Dee skilfully kept us feeling that we were running together as a group, all supporting each other.  

Dee really did motivate me to run and  looking back I can’t believe that I would run every Saturday morning all year round in all weather conditions because I enjoyed it so much.   Thank you Dee for getting  (and keeping ) me running and helping me discover what a great workout it is for both mind and body.

Another Visually Impaired Runner had this to say:


Due to my failing sight I had all but given up on running, something that had given me great pleasure and a good social contact over the years.

Walking with a friend one day the subject of running came up and I mentioned how much I missed this but I felt it was too much of my fellow club runners to look out for me and too much responsibility was put upon them and thought it was best to leave the club and stop running.

A couple of evenings later my friend rang and informed me that he had seen an article in the local paper all aboutDavinia, who had recently qualified to be a blind guide runner and was hoping she could generate any interest in the possibility of a blind person who may like the chance to run with a sighted guide.  So contacting Davinia, we made a date and time and off we went and have never stopped running since.

After a number of weeks Dee, then asked if I might be interested in joining a number of other ladies. Who are all members of the running group women on the run, so I thought in for a penny why not and what a great decision that turned out to be.

I have met a wonderful group of ladies whom have become friends as well as running colleagues and Dee is the glue that holds us all together and keeps us motivated and you know at the end of a run when we are all sitting in the café after with coffee and a croissant catching up with all our news and deciding where we would like to run next week, feeling good inside and ready for the challenges of the day ahead.

I value Davinia as a friend and has been wonderfully supportive to me in many ways and she and my fellow lady runners have given me much joy with their company and have got me back running again, long may this continue.