Weds 19:00, 10k run; 11+ m/m

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Grantham Running Club members only 10k run 11+ m/m at 19:00 (7pm). There is also a 10k run at 11+ m/m pace running at 18:30, so please check you have the right one! This friendly and inclusive session may be run on trail or road but is designed to be achievable by anyone capable of running 10k. While most runs are paced between 12-11 minute/miles, we *always* run to the speed of the slowest runner, so do not worry about being quick enough!

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19:00 26/06/24 Wednesday 26 June
Grantham Tennis Club

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  1. Wednesday
  2. 06:30PM
  3. 5-10K
  4. Unisex
  5. All Levels

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Grantham Tennis Club

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