Peter Tasker

I love to run! I started running over 15 years ago to lose weight and have never looked back. I love the freedom running gives me, due to everything that running has given me, I want to help others to love it as much as me. I really want to help people become the best they can be, whether that is, better technique, running further, running faster, whatever it may be. I am driven by helping others achieve their goals. When I started running I couldn't run a kilometre without stopping, over time and with practice (and a little support from others) I started to be able to run 5km, then 10km. I then for many years simply stayed at that level never really pushing myself, however I then went to my first Parkrun! Total game changer for me to see hundreds of other people just like me, running because they loved it and not for a medal! I was hooked, after that I started to see what I could do. Now I am a member of Prestwich AC and run 5 times a week, entering races (I just love a medal) and continuing my journey to be a better runner, I've now run marathons and even further into Ultra territory!

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