Siobhan Coward

I started running in 2018, at the time I had 2 kids under 2 at home so finding time for the gym with set times and peak hours just wasn't working for me. I nervously went to my first Park run and loved the atmosphere and community spirit. I got introduced to 'Run Together' and was made to feel so welcome in the group; there is always a bunch of us with mixed ability / confidence levels and a strong core of great people who are there supporting each other. I now feel so much stronger and love to see new people joining our group and improving their enjoyment of running each week. Getting out in this way gives me time for myself, to meet new people all whilst keeping fit. Becoming a run leader has encouraged me to keep going because believe me, we all feel like throwing in the towel at times and staying sat on the sofa, ultimately, I love being able to give back to the group and help other people on their way.

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