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We will be starting the couch to 5k (c25k) programme  again on Tuesdays and Thursdays,  in April 2020 where we will be following a gentle programme for 9 weeks, when we aim to run a 5k parkrun together. Watch our facebook page for dates and induction evenings.

Sessions are for 0 to 5k starters -  we will take it at your pace within the remit of the programme. Starting steadily to get you used to exercise. We are following the Public Health England  Couch-5k programme. 

The group leaders are all DBS checked, trained and insured to take running groups.  Massive thanks to them all, as they are all volunteers. Emma and Karen  (Group leaders) and our run leaders Julie, Adrian, Vanessa, Claire, Joanne, Yvonne, Richard, Hannah , Mark, Jo,  Mandy , Cat, and Shell, they are all really  friendly and want you to succeed with your own goals. 

Since starting our group we have had successful sessions with over 70+ attendees for a few sessions. Therefore we would suggest that anyone wanting to attend please book as there is a limit of a 80 on the amount of people we are able to accommodate at this time.

We are also providing runs for our runners who have completed 5k and are wanting to progress further or sustain their fitness/improve. Therefore, Please book on the appropriate session for your needs- either couch to 5k,  existing 5k runners or 6-10k training programme groups.

We also have a walking group on a Tuesday evening so if you are injured or feeling slightly under the weather you can still get out and have some fresh air , exercise and a chat.

We are so grateful to all the volunteers that have come forward to help since starting. We are always glad of some help and we would like our ethos of inclusivity to be taken onboard as a volunteer with the  knowledge that we want everyone to feel welcome and to not be ‘last’ 

Getting out and doing some fitness/ running/walking - is all fantastic for your physical and mental health...so come join us on your journey!

 If you have any questions please feel free to ask us, or message us on Facebook.

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Car Park at The Liversedge Pub

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