Daniel Benwell

* First Aider
* Leader in Running Fitness LiRF 2015
* Coach in Running Fitness CiRF 2016
* Event Group Endurance Coach - Studying to complete 2017
* Hockley Woods parkrun core team member and Run Director

I started running April 2014 as a beginner having not run since my school days. Worked up to a 5k parkrun and lost 3 stone in weight! Then progressed onto 10k, 10 miles, 15 miles and 20 mile races concluding with Brighton Marathon in April 2015. I've since moved into Ultra-marathons having completed various distances including my first 100 mile run in October 2016.

I've run as a beginner and helped out many beginners or those wishing to train for a race or improve their fitness. I setup the trail running group in April 2016 initially as a way of running with other like minded runners enjoying the trails and off road more than road running. The group has grown considerablly in the first 6 months and we now have several run leaders and coaches within the group.

I love running on trails often organising mini running "adventures" to seek out new routes and places.

I enjoy helping/coaching others with their running and races.

In my spare time (!!) I have a keen interest in guitar, both electric and acoustic.


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