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Our 8 week 10k to 20k guided programme. Runs will have alternate start time and start locations may vary: 17th Feb - PM, 24th Feb - AM, 3 March - PM 10 March - AM, 17 March - PM, 24 March - AM (subject to numbers), 31 March - PM, 7 April - AM We gradually increase the distance from 10k in week 1, to 18-20k in week 8. Note - you won't actually achieve half marathon distance, it's to prep you for an event 1 to 2 weeks after finishing. Most routes will be out and back, to help us manage safety. We'll try to do a mix of trail and road, but this will depend on numbers (higher numbers mean it's more likely we will need to be off road). You'll need a headtorch that is suitable for use running off road. as well as be able to carry a drink, bring a coat, and potentially (weather depending) hat and gloves. If you're a Pay Monthly Pal, get in touch for info on cost.

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  1. Sunday
  2. 06:00PM
  3. 10K +
  4. Unisex
  5. Challenge Me

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Jogging Pals Palace

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