Khirstie Bromage

In 2014 I decided I needed to loose a bit of weight so started going to the gym, before this I was a bit of a couch potato! My life was pretty boring , I basically went to work came home, watched the soaps, ate rubbish and smoked 10 fags a day ! It was a bit like Groundhog Day !!
I woke up one morning and thought I needed to do something about it ! I quit the fags (cold turkey) and signed up to the gym , I soon started seeing results and started to become addicted to the gym especially the treadmill , a friend and keen runner at work suggested I run outside ! I said no way !! I felt self conscious and thought people would be looking at me , anyway one day I decided to try it and have never looked back , I started getting competitive with myself and would push myself to go further each time , weeks past and my confidence grew , I plucked up the courage to join the local Running club (kingsway runners) and have never looked back , I entered my first race ... Gloucester 10k , it was an amazing feeling crosssing the finish line , one which I got addicted to ! Since then I have lost 4 stone in weight , completed over 25 half marathon, 4 marathons, and ultra, obstacle/mud runs and a couple of triathalons. In 2016 I became a leader at kingsway runners, I have watch the club grow from about 10 members to the massive number is now with about 40-60 members turning up to each session on a Monday. I have made some amazing friends and love being part of such a friendly supportive and inspirational group and would definately recommend it to anyone thinking of joining a Running club. My life has changed 100% for the better.

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