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Welcome to Lincoln & District Running Club. We are a friendly and social group of runners who meet for runs around Lincoln and the surrounding areas.

Our running club has been established for nearly 30 years, and we currently have over 100 members.

The club meets twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Tuesday nights are usually from North Kesteven Sports Centre, North Hykeham, whilst Thursday nights are at different locations in Lincoln and the surrounding area. Please see the Training Schedule for location details.

The club usually has two or three groups running on a club night, catering for runners of all abilities, whilst still keeping the ethos that 'no one is left behind'.

Currently available to subscribed Lincoln and District Runners members only. 

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Anna Mongan - Group Leader

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North Kesteven Academy - Sports Centre

Top Tesco, Wragby Rd, Lincoln

Bottom Tesco, Canwick Rd trading est (off Pelham Bridge)

Bottom Tesco, Canwick Rd trading est (off Pelham Bridge)

Bottom (LN5 8HS) or Top Tesco (LN2 4QQ), Lincoln. Alternate locations. Please check your booking.

Yarborough Sports Centre

Grandstand A57