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Next run: Thursday 24 June 2021

About our group

We are a friendly running group based in the Broadland village of Lingwood.

Our runs take place at Lingwood Village Hall.

Our coaches are all qualified to deliver Leadership in Running Fitness and we run Couch to 5k programmes based on the NHS Couch to 5k Scheme.

Contact us at lingwoodlegits@outlook.com or follow us on Facebook or Twitter to find out more!

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Phil Henry - Group Leader

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Our locations


Meet in the Village Hall Carpark

Car park at Buckenham Railway Station

Car park at Lingwood Church

Freethorpe Village Hall

Meet at the Beacon on the Millenium Green

Meet at the Cross Roads near The Spar

Meet in the King's Head car park

Meet at Braydeston Church

Meet outside the old Strumpshaw Village Hall on Barn Hill

Meet at Freethorpe Village Hall

Meet at Blofield Church