Helene Tame

I'd done most types of sport at school but less and less as I had my children and grew older - but with an increasingly busy job (I'm the community chaplain on Love's Farm) I decided that I needed to lose some weight and improve my fitness in order to increase my stamina. With that in mind I started the couch to 5k and eventually completed my first pocket park run in January 2019 - since then I've completed one most Saturdays, done a couple of 10ks too and signed up for my first half marathon in May! Running is the perfect way to take exercise that I can fit flexibly around my other responsibilities, maintain my fitness and weight, give me some good thinking and praying space and do either alone or in the company of others! I'm really glad to be joining the LFR team and will help out with the Thursday evening couch to 5k sessions to begin with. Helene

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