Welcome to our Maidstone running group

Next run: Wednesday 30 August 2017

About our group

Maidstone RunTogether is a running group for everyone.  We're fun, friendly and best of all FREE.

We're just getting going and to start with we're offering two group running options:

  1. 0 to 5k programme.  This will help you get started and feeling confident to run 5k.  Maybe you want to feel fitter or maybe you have a goal in mind like being able to run your local parkrun.  This is a 9 week programme.
  2. 5k to 10k programme.  You will work on your own running and fitness goals and be able to run 10k by the end of the 10 week programme.

Maidstone RunTogether is organised by Maidstone Harriers Running and Triathlon Club as a free offer for our local community to support active and healthy lifestyles.  There's absolutely no obligation to join the club, but if you'd like to get involved later we can tell you more.

Contact details

David Brooker - Group Leader


Meet our run leaders

Our locations


Maidstone Hockey Club, Armstrong Road, Maidstone

Our group numbers

  • 2 Groups runs per week
  • 195 Total KM this year
  • 8K Average run distance
  • 39 Active runners