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About our group

Minehead Running Together is a group set up for runners who do not feel they are at a level (yet?) to join a running club.

The first thing we are doing is setting up a Couch to 5k 'C25K' series, first run will be at 6pm on Tuesday 4th February 2020. This will be the NHS C25k program, which you can view here:


But, instead of doing it alone, you will be able to join our group to hopefully keep you motivated and to find like-minded runners.

Your first session is  free. It you decide to continue with the course, the price for the whole 9 week course will be £15. For this you will get:

  •  A quality technical Minehead Running Together t-shirt in ladies or mens fit.
  •  Support, guidance and advice from a UK Athletics qualified run leader.
  •  Support from fellow members of your group.
  •  We will not keep any profits - any surplus funds will be donated to a local charity. 
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