Nicola Tilley

As well as being a UK Athletics Coach in Running Fitness, UK Athletics Run Leader and UK Athletics Mental Health Champion I am also a Personal Trainer specialising in women's fitness, advanced core and a pre/postnatal specialist. I discovered running later in life, and only ran my 1st. ever 10k at the age of 42. Now aged 52 I am still gaining PB's and running more than ever from 10k's to ultra marathons. In 2018 I gained a "Good for Age" place in the Virgin London Marathon after qualifying with a sub 4 hour marathon time of 3:57 - something I had never dreamed possible all those years ago! 'Moving Mums' was started in Sawbridgeworth in 2015 by myself as a funded running project aimed at school mums and supported through the Herts Sports Partnership and Sport England. I was very privileged to get involved in such a fantastic project and feel very proud of how the group has grown. Running has changed my life, it has helped me through many times and stresses of being an "older" mum and now the menopause years. I am immensely passionate about running being for everybody, irrespective of shape, size, age or fitness level. You can start at ANY time in your life as hopefully I have proved. I am also very proud to have my role with UK Athletics as a Mental Health Champion which is something very close to my heart. Running is so much more than fitness, running gives me a sense of mental wellbeing and is so important as we age. I love the challenge of a race, a new PB or equally just enjoy the time to think when I'm out there running. I am hoping to run for many more years, challenge myself to new goals and prove that it really doesn't matter when you start (although the recovery gets just a little tougher these days!). To share my running journey (the highs and the lows!) just pop over to my Instagram account and follow me. Happy running!

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