Sandra Hummerston

I took up the running challenge in September 2014.

Although I had been a fairly fit child, I had never been able to run and so I assumed it would be the same as an adult. However, I joined the Health and Well Being's Couch to 5K programme and steadily managed to get from running for a minute, to running for 5k and then progressed to running 10k! Amazing!

When I first started I didn't really "enjoy" running but I'd signed up so I stayed with it and about week 5 or 6 I suddenly had a "Forest Gump" moment - I just wanted to "run and run and run". I asked the Health and Well Being team if I could continue to come along as a supporter but they persuaded me to do become a jog leader - I do this from behind as I am slow but steady! I love helping others get to the point of realising they can run and motivating them to continue. Running is a relatively cheap activity (trainers aside!) and can be done anywhere. The jogging community are friendly and it is great to get outside. Come along and see for yourself....

Want to become a run leader?

Become a qualified run leader by taking the Leadership in Fitness and Running Course from England Athletics Find out more