Kirstie Dodsley

I'm Kirstie and I currently the club welfare officer and a run leader for Selston Superstars.

I started out on my run leading in April 2015 leading my first beginners the Phoenix Flyers.

My running journey really began properly in 2012 when I realised I needed to do something to lose some weight. I built up from being completely inactive to running 3 miles using the C25K app and went along terrified one night to join the Woodthorpe Huffers and Puffers. Within a week they had me signed up to the Robin Hood Half Marathon (I used to cry if my hubby suggested running 10k). I lost 3 stone, cycled coast to coast and ran my first 10k and half marathon all within six months. Finding a running club that suited me was massive in getting me to love running and really did change my life.

Since then I've got married and moved house so became more involved in NWR but I also run with KADS, as my husband is a runner too so I love that we can do something together. I've now run 7 half marathons and a marathon. I'll never be a fast runner but running is a massive part of my life which is amazing considering I was the girl who signed her own notes to get out of PE.

Being a run leader is really rewarding and seeing people achieve what a few weeks before they never thought possible is the best feeling ever. I hope one thing I can show my group is that anyone can run and that running should be fun.

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