Carolyn Wilkinson

Almost 2 years ago, I finally plucked up the courage to join the NWR group and start my running journey with my then 11 year old daughter. I was so unfit, had lots of joint and back issues, thought I was too fat, too slow, would hold everyone back but I had always wanted to run and really needed to be healthier and fitter. I dreamed of being able to run a half marathon but couldn't run to the end of the street.
From the moment I joined the group, I was hooked. My daughter too. With the amazing support of our run leaders and the group we completed our C25K, went on to complete 5-10k improvers and I went on to complete my first half marathon in September 2016 with my daughter joining an athletics and cross country team at school. An amazing feeling. I have three more planned this year and I am so excited to be starting my first beginners group as a run leader in January 2017.

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