Kate Donaldson

I love the idea of running. I love to see others running. I love that running can be accessible to anyone. Inside, outside, roads, trails, alone, with others, night, day ... the opportunities are endless.

Sometimes all that's needed is someone to help you take those first few steps - and remind you as your journey continues that you can do it. Running is about head and heart as much as legs and lungs. I love that I have the privilege of introducing new runners to this amazing life.

However, I'm definitely a "do as I say not as I do" run leader!

I started running in 2015. I came in to running as a successful masters racewalker (I can walk pretty fast). As soon as I began to run I fell in love with it as you may have already realised. No more walking for me - it was running all the way. Except when I was injured - the transition to running was not smooth - my "I-Spy Running Injuries" has almost every box ticked!!! After a terrible 2017 with 7 months injured I tackled my return uncharacteristically sensibly and 2018 was been fruitful. I managed to complete 4 half marathons and ran many, many lovely miles with great buddies. Fingers crossed I'm practising what I preach as a run leader!

Want to become a run leader?

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