Sharon Cairney

I am really proud to belong to this inclusive running group - Notts Women Runners. I joined this group in an effort to get me out of the door and off the sofa! Having made a bet with my partner that I could not do it, I signed up to the WR10K 2015 before I had even ran a step. I took part in a 10 week course to get me from couch to 5k. I graduated in June 2015 at a Colwick parkrun. Somewhere along the way I became a runner. I continue to run 2-3 times a week. It is fair to say that prior to joining this group I could not run a bath, let alone for 1 minute. I gained so much from this. Mainly some fab friends and the ability to get into a smaller size jeans! I really wanted to give something back to the club that had done so much for me. In March 2016 I became a qualified run leader. In July 2016 this year I was nominated by my fellow NWR members to become Club Secretary and continued to serve on the committee for 3 and a half years. As the saying goes "it's been emotional!". I'm one of the run leadersfor NTU uni-corns and we meet to run at 7pm at the uni on Wednesdays. I know some of you already and look forward to running with all of you sometime soon. Happy running! Sharon x

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