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Next run: Tuesday 07 April 2020

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Hello everyone I am Paul Nutter I served in the Royal Engineers from the age of 16 until i was 30 leaving the Army in 2001, I have been a runner on and off since I was 11yrs old and really enjoy getting out in the fresh air to help clear my mind after a bad day at work. Setting up a running group is something that I have thought about for sometime now, Thanks to Moving Forces who put me on my Leader in Running Fitness course, Nutty's Running Squad has arrived!

I wanted to aim the runs at complete beginners because there are a lot of improver groups within the Tamside and Greater Manchester area generally along with a spoil of clubs to join if people so wish. But there is also still some stigma that running is only for the really fit and fast, this is not the case everyone must start at the beginning that's day 1.

What I aim to provide is a platform for people who are thinking of getting fitter, slimmer or just mentally happier whatever your reason I would like there to be a place for like minded people to come along and do as little or as much as they want within the sessions, It maybe you just want to get some fresh air and socialise without having to worry about  the boss phoning you at home whatever your reason feel free to book on a run and come down even if it's just to see how things go at first without joining in. All abilities are welcome to attend you can either do your own session if you run regular or I can set you a different schedule.

I look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday evening by Stamford park.


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Paul Nutter - Group Leader


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At the pedestrian crossing on Darnton Rd opposite the boating lake.

Car park Darnton Road to the right of the lake as you look at it.