Workouts for Speed/tempos

SPEED  70-90% effort

Ideally start from the"y" for out and back reps or somewhere quite flat like the sandy part of Esher Common or the mile along Princes Coverts. With a speed session you need to allow each person to go at their own pace.  Either faster or slower (do not get upset if you are at the back!!), it is what you get out of it that is important!! DO NOT HOLD BACK 

--1 minute reps with 1 minute rest . Do 5 -7 times.  This can be incorporated into tempos to add to the session or on their own at a higher intensity.

--2 minutes out / rest one minute/ then 2 minutes back.  3-4 sets (70-90% effort)

--1 mile time trial 

--short recoveries: 2 sets of 5 x 30 seconds reps with 30 rest and 2 minutes between sets ( You can move up to  2x 6 ) 70-90% effort

--Robin's inverted Pyramid run:  1minute(30secs rest), 2minute(1minute rest), 3 minute(90secs rest) 4 minutes(2 minute rest) 3minute(90 secs rest)2minute(2 minute rest)1 minute run and finish. (50- 60% effort). This can be done as an out and back run to keep the group together

--Winter surges: 2 x 90 secs (90 rest) 4 x 60 secs (60 rest) 4 x 30 secs (30 rest) 4 x 15 secs (15 rest).  Do the session at 10 km pace, but the last 4 x15 to be at a mile pace.