Our training plan

We meet as a group for one hour once a week, so the aim is to use this hour as part of a weekly keep fit session.  

At least 2 runs a week is a minimum to benefit from the aerobic fitness that running provides.  3 times is perfect for maintaining your running  fitness and a bit more if you are training  to run in a race.

I would suggest doing something every other day.  If you go hard one day, go easy the next--just don't go more than 3 days without some form of activity.  The rest day is important too! 

Our Tuesday group session is designed to make you put a bit more effort than if you went running on your own.  Be aware of what you do the day before and the day after to balance out your week of activity.

10 minutes of warm up are essential, especially if we are doing a more intense session like hills, 15 to 25 minutes of effort and 10 minutes for the warm down and stretch.

This is the basic formula.  Check out our workouts for some suggestions for efforts