Antony Moore

My running journey started a few years ago for a variety of reasons including my health as a type 2 diabetic, weight loss, 4 stone to date, my mental health and to meet like minded people it has since taken me from my first parkrun at Wimpole hall to becoming a Run Director on both core teams responsible for setting up Pocket Parkrun and Riverside Junior parkrun both in St Neots. Since starting running 3 years ago I have gone from 5k through to running my first Ultras above 30 miles. And in 2019 I was chosen to be an ambassador for the Milton Keynes Marathon which was a proud moment for me. I also enjoy getting muddy and wet at Obstacle Races and favour trail over road. My passion for running led me to becoming an English Athletics Leader in Running Fitness and now able to support others to start and further their own running journeys. My passion for running has become bigger than me and now my passion is also about seeing others enjoying their own running journeys and being able to support them with their own goals.

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