Jennie Moore

I'd never liked or enjoyed running before, as a kid and into my 20's I was much happier in or on the water or doing other adventurous activities. Then 4 years ago my husband decided to book us into our first Obstacle race. We attended a few training sessions in anticipation of the race and they were the most fun I'd had doing exercise and was also the hardest I'd ever pushed myself physically. After our first race I was hooked! I loved the obstacles but I realised that just being able to do the obstacles wasn't going to be enough....and there began my long journey to finding a love for running. I joined a group and began going to parkrun, the running community in St Neots was a fantastic motivation and everyone was supportive and encouraging.....but I still wasn't really enjoying it if I'm being honest. I was fitter, healthier and lighter than I'd ever been, I wanted to get out there and enjoy it, but I found it hard and always felt I just wasn't quite getting how did I find myself as a run leader?....... Well again, I have my lovely husband to thank, he took the big step of starting OVR and signed me up for the run leader course, I found myself attending the course and wondering "What on earth am I doing"...."How am I going to be able to encourage others, when I find it so hard myself?!" And feeling a bit of a fraud, but I found that I was actually quite good and really enjoyed it..... Anyhow, 9 months later and its the best thing I think I could have done....for those that find it hard I can relate and support you with authenticity: I've been there and still find myself there on a bad day/run. The ability to support others on their journey has inadvertently helped mine and I genuinely enjoy running and supporting others to push their boundaries and surprise themselves with what they're capable of. The ability to help others achieve something truly positive and provide a welcoming and friendly group; who will support you no matter what's going on for you on any given

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