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About our group

We run a short interval session for all abilities, meeting every Wednesday in the Waterfront car park,  North Harbour, Eastbourne at 18:30.

The session involves a social warm up, the main part of the session is based around 12 minutes of effort, followed by a social cool down, and optional group photo.

Please see the Runs section for session details. We genereally have two run leaders in attendance so can cater for 24 people. Current group size is around 6-10 people each week.

Weekly Reminders

•Please book via RunTogether so we know who to look out for âœ…

•Wear something bright when it's dark - or in the summer to have fun ðŸŒŸ

•Be prepared to slow down to make space for other pedestrians (however annoying they can be😅)

•Have fun, remember it's only 12 minutes of effort 🏴‍☠️

UKA Risk Assessment

When you book you will be added to the Pevensey Pirates WhatsApp group with the number you give to RunTogether.

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Richard Davis - Group Leader

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Waterfront Car Park, North Harbour, Eastbourne

Eastbourne Sports Park