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Next run: Friday 31 December 2021

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Play Out applies a small social group approach to encourage the take-up of regular activity.  This may be through walking, running or cycling.

Empathy with the process is very strong, as Richard only commenced the process himself a few years ago after many lethargic office-bound years.  However, setting challenge after challenge through cycling and running now constantly looks to inspire others to benefit from the mental and physical rewards on offer from a regular active life.

Richard is a qualified England Athletics Run Leader as well as a British Cycling Ride Leader.  Running and Walking is covered with Run Together but please feel free to visit the British Cycling group here.

Reach out to @PlayOutClub on Facebook, Twitter and Strava

Read more about Richard's journey over on www.wozzy.co.uk and future challenges over at Sweat Pledge.

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Richard Warren - Group Leader

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Farsley Springbank Primary School

Farsley Recreation Park

St John's Church Hall Car Park, Farsley