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Thursday morning sessions currently paused - will move to another time; PLEASE EMAIL playout@wozzy.co.uk  if you are interested and will arrange a time.

Play Out offers intelligent customised sessions with the view to support a day-to-day active lifestyle.  If you are an individual or a business who would like to consider bespoke support, please do get in touch; a long career in project delivery, IT consultancy as well as an active creative festival organiser all provides a unique skillset combination.

Other regular social run/walk activities are constantly occurring, simply not as official events.  So please keep an eye our social media outlets and feel free to contact if you may like to join.

Also, a big wave over to Farsley Flyers which you should definitely consider joining!

Want to become a run leader?

Become a qualified run leader by taking the Leadership in Fitness and Running Course from England Athletics

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