Couch to 5k

Couch to 5k is a well recognised programme to build up your ability to be able to cover 5 kilometres starting from mainly walking and progressing to mainly jogging.

I have tried to address some of the short-commings of the usual organised programmes:

  • Start any time (usually start at a specific 'week 1' date)
  • Start at your level (everyone has different abilities)
  • Progress levels when you're ready (usually hard-defined steps in walk-jog times)
  • Skip weeks and pick up again (life happens)
  • Extra emphasis on initially walking (running can seem unimaginable to begin)

Sessions are very much socially focussed hence sessions organised as levels to keep a group close and my run leading experience is used to produce progressive sessions for the individuals within the group.

My well-known trait is to guide runners to explore on-our-doorstep routes and locations that they may not know existed.  Group runs provide confidence and safety to visit places plus DBS checked, First Aid qualified and UK Athletics (& British Cycling!) qualified/insured for that extra comfort.

I'm not a veteran sports-person by any means, my own 'up-rising' from inactivity and obesity only started a few years ago (see, therefore I empathise with everyone's progress.  I strongly believe parents are the biggest role-models for children - you can provide kids facilities for sport but showing them the way DOES leave a life long active mindset way more valuable.

Find your starting level:

  • Level 1 - you can walk from 30 mins non-stop.
  • Level 2 - you can jog for 15 minutes (with occasional walk)
  • Level 3 - you can jog for 25 minutes (with occasional walk)