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Queensbury Running Club are pleased to announce their 3rd C25K programme, which is open to anyone who is looking to start running with the support of a super friendly group.

The programme will run every Thursday, starting on the 2nd Sep,  for 9 weeks leaving from Queensbury Celtic at Pit Lane at 6.45pm.  To successfully complete the programme, participants should aim to do 2 further runs during the week.  

The total cost is £20 for the full programme, and if you then wish to join the club , we will refund £10 off your membership fee.

For further details, and to book/register, see our Group Runs page.

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Glenn Thornton - Group Leader

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Our locations


Pit Lane - meet in the car park

Shroggs Park, Halifax - meet by the monument

Foxhill Park - meet at the line of trees in the middle