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I discovered that running was my therapy so now it's ours - Running Is Our Therapy!  I have set up a running club for non-runners - I'm taking people through a 6 week couch to 5km programme and showing them that anything is achievable when you put your mind to it!  Once you've completed your 5km, we then work together towards common goals and you train with the beginners to show them success stories and we all work together.  

No running experience is necessary - I will teach you all about posture, technique and injury   prevention.  I will also show you how running can make you feel and by training with your support groups, you will never face a challenge alone.I completely empathise with being overweight, tired, stressed and short of time.  If the running is simply too much, there is the option to power walk - as long as we get that heart rate up you will still produce endorphins and feel fabulous!

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By the tennis courts

De Havilland Arms

Main Car Park

Calthorpe Park, by the tennis courts

Outside the pub