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Next run: Sunday 23 February 2020

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Hello welcome to our running group which does what it says in the name we run to be with each other!

All our runners have completed the couch to 5k programme and our runners have always been in the slower pace group.

This is to maintain their distance and not concentrate on pace. 

In my experience over the years doing the couch to 5k programme it has come apparent to me that there are many people who struggle with pace and feel they are 'too slow ' or 'holding people up'.

I have set up a group aimed especially at those people to gain confidence and for the group of runners to run at a slow pace and to loop back at very regular points -running to be with each other.

"A mile is still a mile weather it's a fast 6 minutes or a nice steady 18 minute mile a mile is still a mile"

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